Stretchdd: Permission, space, & time to get good

Designing your venture towards a story where you're the hero

stuck on an elevator with me

I like connections. I like puzzles.  I like reverse engineering because it’s a neat and gracefully way to look at breaking working things apart, into their more simple ingredients. It comes from how I grew up, an Army brat that moved around, had to make the unfamiliar familiar quickly, built rapport through questions a lot, and met great puzzles and the people they owned everywhere. Went to school to learn and make friends, get leadership training, did the same at college in VT, & the cruise ship I worked on, and the crew in Montana I skied with.

Looking back that’s been a common theme. New places, new faces, pull them together for a common good, through education, motivating the whole time, and then a final project that’s epic-ly imperfect and we can’t stop grinning about it.

Business wise, I’m a salesman, developer, consultant, builder.    One of the nice ones, where I ask more questions, bring evidence, cite examples, models, people you can get in touch with.  I’m a researcher and share-er, and if we’re a great fit?  We’ll work fantastically.     Getting more mature as I meet more people.

And it leaves giant footprints for us to compete with and beat the next time.  So here’s to leaving footprints that mark our progress, trajectory, and benchmarks.



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