If someone’s absent from view, does their value to you change?   Does their value to your business change?

Here’s where this thought started….

There’s a rapid squeaking tempo that occurs in my house when kids move.    After a few weeks, you’re able to predict the mood, the temper, the potential offer or request coming by the volume and frequency of the squeaks.   A Quick  and loud series, varied pitches: someones evading a captor, leaving the scene of a crime, changing directions because of the zig-zag pattern.  Long Strides slow down the pattern…..  this ain’t CSI so let’s not overspend, over-examining.

My daughter changed all that when I was sure she was coming into the room, with what I was sure to be a tattle-ing to match her staccato-snitch pace….  She stopped and said:

There you ARE! I’ve been looking all OVER for you!

Much different from the “HERE I AM!” anticipation I had…

MARKETING/Sales from the HERE I AM camp

I’m a salesman. I’m in marketing, advertising, business building, risk-assessment… and the tone I’ve taken naturally is to showcase;  what works in an organized sales process, what’s the sizzle, what story I can tell to create a V-8 moment.  Where the light bulb goes off. The sales trigger is pulled.  Life changed. Trophy handed.

Doesn’t work in the long haul, though.      Every now and again, the business tide comes in, wipes away the landscape, and creates a new one.   Shift in the market. Buyers dry up.  The entire vertical or landscape you were working in gets condemned, expensive, or obsolete.   And you begin again, you get the chance to begin again ONLY with what you know… not always with what you had.

Seth Godin talks about a shadowy confession we forget to talk about when we create a “tribe”

Do you know what people want more than anything? They want to be missed. They want to be missed the day they don’t show up. They want to be missed when they’re gone.

The THERE YOU ARE!  camp, starts with making it known that they’re already filling a desire by being available,being open to your suggestion or call, it’s is about anticipating questions that you’ve asked… the tailoring of content you propose that they share in, the fingerprint on the final project you invite them to, AND when there’s an empty chair?   Missed potential?   See a need fill a need.   Be sure you’re filling the ACTUAL need though, not just a perceived one.    Folks who want to get in shape, lose weight could very quickly do it, the transition just hurts.    So it’s the transition we get to solve, not the weight loss.

Looking for more clients could be funneling them into one of OUR solutions, or collaborating around one of their hurdles.   One’s going to be a larger circle.

They’re the most important person in the room;  and you’re important, too.    If either one of you is missing though, does your validity change? Does theirs?
Something to think about.