You’ve probably seen someone over-value what they’re selling, right?  They start with the price ($10,000!!!! A STeAL), they catalog the stuff that puts it above competition (Cleary, these dials, bells, and whistles add 20% more value), quick pause for breath, then sour the competition with any means possible, then stand tall, having crushed YOUR hopes of haggling, right?  Negotiation 101.  Actually, that’s kindergarten. 20091221-businessman-holding-up-hand-refusing-cash

Think garage sale, think HOME sales, think prize possession like a guitar or a motorcycle or a fly rod you bought her for her birthday and you can’t help it if she doesn’t fly fish, right?

When we sell something of our own, we’re looking for agreement, we’re looking for buy-in, we’re looking for understanding.  Usually with high expectations EVEN if the delivery was quick, incomplete, biased.    We see the video of all the time spent.

A prospective investor, buyer, or hire sees the picture. You can create the video for them with a STACK of photos, yet if they’re like 90% of the population (zestimate), they’ll thumb through the photos looking for someone in particular. PSSST.  It’s not you.

They’re looking for opportunity, time saved, they’re looking to solve a problem they have, or they’d like to prevent.  Risk aversion. Social Standing.   Achievement.

How much could you sell a high school championship trophy for?  The one you worked your tail off for, double practices, running 8 miles, broken fingers, heart-breaking close calls?    $14, probably. $3 in a garage sale.   How much could you sell the plan to get BACK to the championships again?

Would coaching be involved? 4 hours monthly for 36 Months

How about accountability? Reviewing and training skill sets?   4 hours monthly for 36 months

Or a network of like-minded people for them to practice with?  1 Conference Monthly, 36 months.

You can see the value starting to rise, right?

It’s the  next 3 years that matter most.    Making sure they’re in the picture, on the bike, with the fly rod.