Amazed that my family was ENTHRALLED by two shows in the last two days… the first was “Taxi.” That’s another post altogether…. the REAL eye-opener was watching the Tony Awards ;  from start to finish, we’re talking performances from Olympus when it comes to a live relay content, talent, multi-facetted expertise, humble/well-spoken speeches.

Not paid the highest amount. Yet they’re clearly incredible, spot-on, deep-into-mastery performers.   7 shows a week for however many weeks, STILL nailing ever note, every move.

And they’re ALL nailing every move. 30 actors/dancers of varied ages, genders, ability. Doesn’t matter if it’s your first show, or you’ve been on stage since the ACTUAL French Revolution, there’s a bar set.   Or a seat in the third mezzanine. Your work improves your view.

However many hours it takes for YOU to practice what you do to nail it at a top level.. that’s up to you.   For them to have the precision-visual-candy they put out last night with 40 people on stage, to music, with stage crew?  There’s the real take-away..

  1. Learn song lyrics.
  2. Learn tune of the song.
  3. Learn them both together.
  4. Add Body movement, just for the song.
  5. Add harmonization with other performers.
  6. Add choreography with other performers.
  7. Add dance.
  8. Add stage cues.
  9. Repeat. 14 times a show.
  10. Add Costumes, make-up, Mic,

There’s stuff I missed for sure.   Add kids. Add puppets.  Andrew Lloyd Webber has a show titled “Starlight Express”  where you can add freakin’ lasers and roller skates to the mix.

So, sure, “skip practice” is what my watch will whisper when time’s running short.

Practicing WITH your team, your crew, your systems… so that it’s professional production level genius… probably takes more time that we’ve even ever dreamed of.

Like 15 minutes a day.  Impractical. Impossible.  Imbelievable. They’re doing it for 8 hours a day, though.

Insert a little Tony Award in next to you time blocking. Measure expectations next to the work being done.