I can’t for the life of me, think of the name of the boat… wasn’t Sea Alice, it was PHARMA SEA! THAT’S IT!!!

I used to go on boats a bit. Not work them, not sail them, just plop down in a seat and go.

And leaving the harbor, we’d  see these boats limping in– Sailboats on tiny motors that took the grace of nature-driven transportation, engineering, and caveman precision, and threw a 2-stroke Volvo on the back.

Like a Cheez Whiz sponsored-wine-tasting.

Think ripped-guy-at-the-gym who skips leg day, and looks like an ostrich race is about to happen.

Or a Christmas Sweater in a prom photo.

Or the New York Yankess in Fenway Park– a beautiful setting ruined by a classless oversight that ends up costing a ton, and really doesn’t have any hopes of making Oct….. wait. I digress.

I felt it was like a  Mummers’ Day Parade of an approach made you feel ugly, like underpass-dirty, watching these royalty of craft drug in with the least amount of effort, most amount of noise, and just looked weird, like a Kardashian into a fixed spelling bee. It was like when you’re in the harbor, and it’s time to “let go”… you put on your sweat pants, sandals over business socks, and until the game’s on, you’re just not giving A+, and you don’t care.

The kicker motor is the C+ of Pass/Fail Industrialism.

Read/heard/last week that,  due to how much information and training there is available, the dream thief is no longer your competition, it’s the status quo:  not doing a gosh darn thing, and still making it.

That kicker motor, the one that’s technically letting you sail through life?    May be a Gosh-send in emergencies, and could also be why you don’t know how to sail.

Why you stay close to shore.

Why the rough channels that lead to the good fishing will always be something you heard about and haven’t seen;

 “It’s too dangerous out there, Mate! Stay in close… YOU DON’T WANT TO LOSE THAT FINE HAT OF YOURS!!!??! RIGHT?”

Kickers include:

  •  technology. Not for the good it can do,  for the maze it’s designed to be
  • where you “work” :  being at work, and in the work can make a huuuuge difference.
  • “my phone’s dead”; your feet aren’t though. Get moving.
  •  Your mental prom self-image from 2008, business card photo to match
  • “saving money”; it’s like saving oxygen. or Sea monkeys. (Dead as Dumbledore after three days)

Running on kicker energy, kicker goals, kicker fuel:  It’s lost potential.  Even worse, you’re traveling at a speed where you’re not just getting left behind– you’re keeping up just enough to see the finish line, and life beat you with two oars, some passion, and YES, a big ole spinnaker full of risk.  Or training. Or execution.   #oarsbeattheory

And when you lose through a coast on your kicker, you’ll sell the people on the dock how much you saved.

And much like your hat, they ain’t buyin’ it.     There’s the real kicker.