Dude, where’s the bah?

Talked to my professor from College today ( I call him every now and again, because he’s a good dude, and he’s in my database; also because it’s my dream to give a commencement speech)

He reminded me of this:

There’s an old term called “pulling yourself up by your boot straps” originates from lumber camps in New England, specifically Vermont, when the leather boots you were issued weren’t slipping on like they used to because your feet were swollen from work.

If you didn’t get your boots on. though. you didn’t work that day. and you didn’t get paid.

So lumberjacks were urged to pull themselves as a whole up by one point of leverage, the strap on the back of the boot (you still see them today), to get what they were owed, even if it was uncomfortable, otherwise, you forfeited what you were owed.” Thought that might be applicable this Friday.

UPDATE:  Apparently, there’s another derivation of the saying:   “It’s was a total surprise to me to find out it used to be an insult. It was used to describe people who were basically delusional.It’s not something we think about much, but of course pulling yourself up by straps attached to your own feet is physically impossible.  Was a take on the story of Baron Von Munchausen pulling himself out of a swamp by his hair, or riding a cannonball. Telling a story that couldn’t possibly have occurred, yet here you are.”

And you can define the phrase based off of bootstrapping .

Just showing my work, m’aam.


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