Soooo, think of your favorite vacation. The one that will change your life. you’ve thought about FOREVER.

Like for ever ever? yep, 4 eva..

Like what you carved in your favorite tree below the life mate you swore to adore until… well, life happens.

I digress…. so to the point.. how much is it? I mean, if it’s important, life changing, surely you’ve priced it out, right?

Wrong. I haven’t. I’ve got dreams, you’ve got ’em. Got goals too… got more goals than Germany scored against Brazil in the first half of World Cup this year and yet, sometimes, the price eludes us.

So how is Chuck E. Cheese beating me at training my kids? Here’s how:

It’s Saturday. and like any good BOLD coach, I’m obsessing over my kids. mainly. the oldest one… wondering what’s going on inside her head besides “When’s Dad going to let me read Twilight?” and “Did they notice I cut my own hair?” (yes. we did. you’re grounded)

Any who. we’re doing the Checkbook exercise from Step 5 in BOLD, where you spend certain amounts of gifted money in 24 hours, day after day. each day it doubles. You MUST spend it all, and can’t duplicate purchases. Only two rules…

Great idea right before Christmas, and yet. what I’m finding is the cost is an electric fence that’s holding her back from writing stuff. She’s got a bit of SC in her (Google DISC profile if you’re lost) and she won’t step over the budget lines.

I think of this girl as the one who has all the costs of items at Chuck E. Cheese or his two older. more beer-clandestine older brothers. Dave & Buster, and how quickly she can discern what she wants and how many tickets it takes.

Value goes up? So does ticket count, and you’ll see the kids pour through the shop, price watching and adjusting before they go back to their ticket-yielding game of choice. Goal setting at it’s most primal, save for the fact that the folks who own these establishments are WAAAY better at math than the future Vegas-stars they’re raising (no way that huge comb costs 800 tickets, that’s like hard alcohol mark-ups). And still: kids know the prices.

Very little-to-NO haggling going on here… you’ve got the tickets or you don’t. Yes you can pay money, yet it’s silly, think the kids, just go earn more. Or put something you just don’t need back.

That’s my brain power today as I think about our agents completing this exercise this week… do we know the REAL costs, are we willing to stop haggling and put the shiny stuff back, or do we want to pay the price to ignore the work?

Most times, no. we’re the disappointed kid throwing a tantrum, due to low blood sugar and a lack of realization of how Mr. E Cheese works.

So when your asked how much your dreams cost, and you reply “I don’t know.”, i think it’s important to notice that.

And no, “won’t it be fun to find out” is not a business plan.

We’ve got 90 days to complete our growth plan for 2015, start cost watching…  when you ask about costs, include time, energy. and yep, budget. Haggle or do the work are the other options. One’s how folks hit their goals every time.

I’ll be at the skee ball lane, throwing overhand (he’s not the boss of me.)