Two trips: one to your average parking lot Carnival, the other Disneyland.  Happiest place on earth besides Jet Ski Sales offices around the globe.

At the Carnival, you’re taking your life in your hands, and you know it.

  • You buy the same tickets to ride a physics-enhanced sling shot of fury and fame that you did at the cake walk.
  •  Their concentration is on overhead.
  • There are no security guards. The carnies will handle you should you attempt to snatch back your fin.
  • They’re short term… the grass is trampled, the kiddie pool the hippo is in? That’s okay if it cracks, they’ll buy a new one in Petersburg.
  • Their background checks? Literally, checking to see if someone’s behind them, hopefully not with cuffs, an IOU, or worse collections from the LAST carnival.

At Disneyland, you’re taken care of.

  • The gates, spotless.
  • The employees? They’re cast members trained on making your day the best ever, no matter what.
  • Their gardens parallel stuff the Queen walks around, sans the cartoon characters and laser shows.
  • Different themes for everyone, clean, calculated,
  • there’s a whole city at work underneath the spectacle you see.

Yep, you pay for it. And you’re willing to, because you feel better.  Customers buy great feelings. And yes, it will cost you more than running the carnival.

Given the PROFIT you can make, are you going to plan a carnival?  Or plan a Disneyland?  One will require work and be awesome, one will not, and be gone tomorrow.