Watching soccer in the brew pub at Universal Studios, while my kids ride the Minion Mayhem… easily one of the most brilliant concoction of sapping your kids’ willpower to stand in line, while taunting them with cotton candy just a few mere feet away.

I’m watching soccer, and while I’m not a learned fan, I love watching each match in that they run almost non-stop, always playing chess out there, always following drills, patterns, knowing that the strengths of their forwards’ are and playing to them.

And there’s always one guy, you can tell he is probably the best on the team. His hair is the best, most emotional, always connecting with the ball, making the cool little juke plays that drive the crowd crazy, follows up with the refs to make sure NOT that they believe him to be right, rather that he’s clear why they a) lost the ball b) got carded or c) here’s who’s giving us trouble to keep an eye on.

Teamwork divides the task and doubles the success.

And when I was early, younger, in the game, I’d always think “They should just give THAT guy the ball all the time. Have the goalie roll it three feet to him, and he’ll bolt up the field and score. Every time, right?”  He could do everything, and probably has done EVERYTHING on that field well since, like, day one.

Here’s why he needs a team:

  • he’d get exhausted running it up the field every time. Maybe once and a while he COULD do it, and successfully, he’d just get exhausted.
  • When he gets to the end, to where he shoots, he’s exhausted, and his shot isn’t the 100% it could be. It’s like 60%. then 50%. then 30%. By the end of the game, doing it all, he’s zapped his strength, and that might hurt his rep
  • People watch the 4th quarter, because that’s when you win. If you’re incredible in the first quarter, awesome. Welcome to everybody. Having energy in the 4th quarter is what makes champions. So if future opportunities are judged by how you compete in the 4th quarter, and you’re by yourself, good luck.
  • What if he’s not the best passer? Or too close to see a change on the way?   Other people looking out for him, helps the team win, him win, and they can pull him before he makes a poor shot, or gets hurt. Then he can’t play ever.
  • He can help develop plays that work with any players, so if he gets sick, or red carded and has to miss a game, his team still wins.  When they win because of something he’s taught them? Now he’s a leader. Not a prima donna who yells a lot. When they win because he’s made THEM better? That’s impact for life. And that in itself is a pretty cool job.

We see business paradigms everywhere. Doesn’t make us geniusi, or geniuseseseses, or smart, we look for metaphors because that’s how we like to learn.. this time is like that time. You’re successful in this avenue, so make this street look like that street, and we’re golden. Years of  “accrued credits” now applicable to your current degree of work.

You need a team. You’re team is out there, and needs you.

Quit crying about the slide tackle and go build one.