That won’t work here. There aren’t any _______ in my area.   Brand X has that locked up.  Heard ’em, said ’em. Believed ’em for a while.

And you’re right, based off the perspective you’re bringing, broken down to your information + your focus. Past market experience and past market research from others experiences would say, should nothing change, you’re going to be a freaking Nostradamus when it comes to the future.    Or at least the part where you kill yours.

Unless you bring new strategy. New energy. New system. New information. New staff. New Experience. New resources. A new plan.     Then everything changes.

Real estate specific for sec here, if you’ve got a tight knit community, then introduce that community to outside markets that it might appeal to. There’s a shortage of people moving from their house to next door. So find their next neighbor.  Gary Keller has cited a gazillion times that somewhere there’s someone getting on a plane to come to your town tomorrow to buy a home. You’re anticipation of the information they’re getting before they get here is the key to their success. Who’s alerted them to your town?  How are they determining home prices? Areas?  Great Schools? cost of living?  If you’re answer is “I don’t know”, it may be important to just notice that. Then get to work.

  • Maybe find the buyers before they’re buyers.
  • Then find the sellers before they’re sellers.
  • Or the deals before they’re deals, and introduce them to one of the two previous groups.

“Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.” -Jim Rohn,

If you’re a broker, don’t forget the hustle part, where you get paid to put deals together, even if they  don’t pan out, you’re still creating an active market.

“That won’t work here” tells me that you’ve exhausted all your possibility, say it more than three times in a conversation, and you’re letting the world know you’re waiting to be made “re-available” to the industry.  Or that you’re open to new strategy.

Which is okay, because I’m in sales, I will hustle, and will keep bringing strategy to either you or your replacement.

Chirp chirp.