20120418-203418.jpg I fly a bunch. Most of the folks who do what I do fly a bunch. And every now and again, between the frisking  (lucky, I know) and the pretzels, and the aisle seats, it gets pretty mundane.    You’d see the usual gate lizards who ask what you do, and if you fly a bunch. Yep.  Headphones back in, book gets picked back up, and you go back into your solemn existence, hoping “that guy” doesn’t make eye contact and start up a conversation about the Yankees, Obama, or how Obama should buy the Yankees.

It’s just something you get used to.

Then, one night, I was flying and this guy was VISIBLY uncomfortable, then audibly uncomfortable, and if I had stared enough, probably spiritually uncomfortable with the whole flying process.    So I get curious; I’m in the fear business, squashing them, picking them apart, embracing them, and I start to ask him questions.

This is exactly what people in a fear state love, interrogation. I can sense this. I pursue anyway.  “You realize that you’re scared of the idea of flying, yet we’re already flying. If it’s an event, you’re here already, they punched your ticket, so the worst is over, right?”

And what he said next changed my mind on the power of words and how we describe experiences forever. Foreva eva.

“You don’t understand, right now, YOU’RE flying…” and his volume started to build “BUT I’M HURDLING THROUGH SPACE AT 300 MILES PER HOUR!!!”

And I got really excited, started grinning ear to ear, and thought , hey, this whole time, I’ve been selling myself short! When I tell my kids, my family, my clients what I do, I was describing something incredible very blandly, because I got used to it.  On average, I hurdle through space at 300 miles an hour weekly to build millions of dollars of business with business owners from across the planet.

My job just got a little cooler.

And I’ll leave you with this, next time you hear a baby crying on your flight, and you can’t take it anymore, remember that that particular baby? It’s hurdling through space at 300 miles per hour. Screaming is exactly the right emotion at that point. And that kid is NAILING it.