The lifeguard question: If I were a lifeguard, and every morning, I put clients the my call “pool”, what would happen to them?

CHRIS! I’ve got focus issues!

ADD? That’s a symptom of focus (trust me, I’m with you all the way). You can get better at focusing when you’re clear on what the job of the day is… there are mornings where I ask the lifeguard question of my business, “if it fell in the bottom of a pool, broke its leg, and got stung by a bee on the way in, what would I fix first?”

Wouldn’t treat the bee sting, the person’s still drowning.

Wouldn’t set the leg, still drowning.

Have to do the one thing that brings the business back onto dry land, and THEN work on the other symptoms.

What are the bee stings you’re treating while your business is drowning? They’re not unimportant, and will NEED TREATING, just not immediately. What are the broken legs? The ones that shake your focus tree?

So here’s a game. Draw a swimming pool around your call list for the morning. Color your call list in BLUE. Anyone you don’t call? Doesn’t make it out for that morning. Imagine the impact of saving 6 people and letting the other 14 “marinade” because you lost focus, or treated bee stings on the six you saved?

And read this each morning, “I’m the lifeguard of my clients, and save all those I choose to put in my pool.”