ImageCalm. Calm. It’s just an airline. Remember the first headline in any article is designed to……get you to the second line. Yes it’s a writing device, and just like the riddles that your uncle used to tell you that you scoffed at, you’ll turn around and use it in your next article, so “you’re welcome.”

Every second with this company made me feel better about flying than I ever have.  The stewardude even called my computer bag a “purse”, and I’m still on board.  And while EVERYTHING looks cooler while lit softly in purple, let’s do that for the rest of the article. (i’ll check with my intern on this)’

Let’s get to it:

1)  Staging Works: Based on perception, environment, lighting and the stage set (including music) changes the experience.

2) Small gratuities subdue any beast. They stop/silence petty objections and one-up the clients expectations as well. And gives the staff something to brag about. (this is your front line in marketing, if they’re bragging, your future clients aren’t expecting and are impressed.)

3) Clients treated incredibly  will yearn to please you back. Remember the 6/20 rule, where if you do well, someone tells 6 people, and if you do wrong they tell 20? The internet kind of changed that. You want new clients that are A+++++++++++++ awesome? The ones that are ushered in on a cloud of compliments by your current clients.

4) Top-down coolness. Everyone on staff “has it.” From the captain down to the tech, their SMS, their marketing to the barf bags (read: risk management plan)

5) They’re not putting the man on the moon, this is just an airline.   There’s not Cristal pouring from each of the faucets, nor is it the nicest plane.  Small changes/small effects are what bring the comfort and value up.

6) Good hearted marketing: There is nothing negative about other airlines in their marketing, just trendy reminders of why they rock, mainly because it wouldn’t be cool  to be negative.