Eavesdropping-life-mate that she is, Heather heard a portion of an talk today about reorganizing a business, and setting some ground rules. She thought it was good, great actually, which is saying a lot, because she’s spoiled. What I said, though I’m not the first guy to say it, and not the best at living it,  though I can recognize it in the blink of an eye was:

In life, in health, in finance, the most sure way to get good is  5% a week. Realistic. Steady as she goes, constant increase, and with creative strategy, yet keystone goals.

SIDE NOTE: Others have said this. Like when Mama said, Brush your teeth do your chores. She did not invent, or coin the phrase, nor was she looking for credit. I’m my mother’s son.

The 300% in a month ‘ers may have killer goals, yet strategy that’s going to leave them high and dry, or broke, or disappointed. Much like the Fast and Furious movies. Which I own. I’m not ashamed.

Coaching is about setting a plan for conditioning that improves you AT LEAST 5%-10% constantly.  If you want to lose 10 pounds of ugly fat quickly, cut off your head.  Want to make a Million bucks? Get up early, work hard, strike oil.

The rest of us? Set Kick Ass Creative Goals, and build monumentally iron clad strategies to get there.  You can go to the moon. Just make sure the methods are believable or your zip code and your attitude?\

Ain’t changing.