Pirates on TV: always plundering other ships, meeting new folks, net-pirating, reminds me of independent contractor-ship in real estate (oh yes. I did!):

1. they only hang with other pirates,
2. their fashion is straight up messed up,
3. their ride is sweeter than their house,
4. they hang around with animals who repeat everything they say (take notice, RE star groupies).

Its the way they manage wealth that draws attention though.

The good ones?

Hid their booty (couldn’t wait to write it) in stockpiles, hidden from their more “nefarious” staff, while the fly-by-night buccaneer pillaged then squandered, pillaged then squandered, often leading to HUUUUUGE risk ,  that got them killed or caught (Tortuga’d).

Not unlike us as a group:

Take a look at your last commission: do you still have it? Was it nestled away, knowing you could make more, or did you invest in faster ships, more crew, and sharper swords?

Or did you really invest it? Women and wine, new boots, and a sweet new tattoo?

Bad pirate.