Well, you nailed it, Chris. Tell me the relationships that take work. I’ve got a bunch of stuff going on, and let’s face it, I’d like to thin out the herd a little bit on who I have work on this week to build relationships.

It’s a lot like Dianna Kokoszka said once, and I’ll carry around forever: when her kids asked her which teeth they should brush, she replied “Only the ones you want to keep.”

So which clients should I call this week?

                            Only the ones you want to keep.

Which leads should I call this week?

                            Only the leads you want to keep.

Which of my family members, girlfriends, kids, friends, coworkers should I call, meet with, or send notes to?

                            Only the ones you want to keep.

As a business coach, tech consultant, I’m posing the same for your social media and web page staff:

You mean I have to post on these sites, recheck the keywords, traffic, and tweak them for success?

                                       Only if you want to keep it.

You mean I need to hit my blog goals this week? There was a holiday!   No. I’m writing,if you don’t want to keep your  followers, their attention span, and their interest and possible clientship, let them go.

If there’s a Social Media outlet you’ve subscribed to, let’s dissect your mindset, your motivation:

Don’t think of it as a savings account, think of it as a plant, a kitten, or goldfish. You don’t feed it? It doesn’t sharpen a stick and hunt for it’s food…. it waits to be fed.

And if it’s not fed, it ends up on a commercial with Sarah McLaughlin playing in the background, then ceases to be.

It’s Friday. It’s Diagnosis Day.  Time to take of the bandages and see how you’re doing. Grab your legal pad, hit your diagnostics. And if it don’t look good, change it.