What’s got two thumbs and loves projects?  THIS GUY!

I should love puzzles, though. They have all the pieces, there’s a picture of the end project in mind on the box, and I can use the pieces’ correlating facts to put them together.

The pieces came to play together nicely.

In a project, it’s raw material….and they’re to be put together in a pretty primal way: there’s force, cutting, hammering, and for those that have done house projects, you calculate for “waste.”  Lost money, unusable material,  and that causes a need for additional cost of removal and storage.

When I look at people, teams, or businesses as projects, I’m thinking this. Subconsciously, I know that all the baby turtles aren’t making it to the ocean and I’m calculating for this, and that’s when I recognized the “waste” part.

And there’s the rub.  Looking at people/businesses accepts them as the organic beings they are….that quirky marketing I want to chop MAY be their strength. That gong show of an employee in the sales department MAY be the organizational whiz I’m currently scouting for.  The “Bob’s” from Office Space would have fired him in the first round, yet I see him as a part of the puzzle. Walk your staff through behavioral tests and models regularly.. helps with morale and retention.

That knack for talking to people is a puzzle piece, not waste, if harnessed.   Your inability to show up for work on time could stem from an attention to detail while getting ready at home that COULD SAVE a business if you don’t get fired first.

People are puzzles. Their business plans may be projects.

Make sure that no one is wasted on the job site.

That’s kind of a great rule, anyway. #truestory