I’m a reader. I read. Many large, leather bound books that smell of mahogany . And the occasional choose-your-own-adventure as I’m a control freak and like to see the hero get eaten by robots a lot.

Moving on– after my last behavioral assessment, a mentor of mine passes along this book called Whale Done!,   a business fiction written by Ken Blanchard, from Raving Fans,  another book I would create a suit out of and wear every day if I could.  I read it very quickly as it’s just good (and short, and has hugemongous font), and like most great points or concepts,

the point is simple:  we use negative reinforcement to no avail constantly, when positive reinforcement works, is easier, and just makes the earth a happier planet.

Works with kids, employees, dogs, departments, small business, and killer whales.

As we continually work with the idea of banner customer service, quickened and heightened skills to build rapport, and search for the silver bullet of web lead cultivation and conversion, I’ve got to wonder…  how often do we give our clients a “well done.”  We strive for approval everywhere, why not from our trusted advisors?

Your financial advisor calls and says, “Great job diversifying the rest of your funds, bud.  Shows you’re listening…keep it up. Notice the return you got from it.”

Your Doctor sends a letter to the fan “Just wanted you to know you’ll have more time with your Dad now that he’s quit smoking for the last three months. Enjoy high fives for many more years, starting today.”

Your mechanic drops a FB message: “Quick note;  thanks for keeping up on your oil changes and regular maintenance, shows you’re responsible about your car.”

Rarely ever heard…. and if searching for a product or a service is a long process that many stay silent during or quit early on, it may be because you’re not coaching them.

When’s the last time you didn’t just say “thanks” yet you said, “Pursuing your goal through research and being realistic shows integrity.  Thought you should hear it.”  Or “with all of the information and technology and choices that are out there, the last four visits to my site showed you’re quick to pick up on how to make them all work together.  Good on ya.”

You’re not pandering, you’re not manipulating. You’re addressing correct or admirable behavior in someone you’d like to get into a relationship with.

Maybe not a bad idea?