I can’t afford it. And I can’t open another line of credit. I won’t.

Dave Ramsey and the inability to control the Incredible Hulk of spending has pushed me away from most credit out there. I’ve been a bad boy. (you must consume this video to understand) I’m okay with it.

Yet I want stuff. I want bigger processes, I want staff, technology, new cars, vacations, more coaching, business models. Fashion models. Floor model. You get the point.

Back in high school, I remember a friend putting away the amount of money he wanted every week until Christmas, then BAM! December hits, and he’s got $600 for Christmas presents. Fast Forward to real estate career, talking with a mortgage lender of mine, I had alluded to helping clients get to the point where they could buy a home through borrowing money.

He said no. Very un-2008 for a lender.  They’d never made those big of payments, they were kids.

Odds were, they would start to default in 6 months if they didn’t get responsible, real fast. Losing a home and wrecking your credit is a hard way to do it.

They should practice making the payments. And set money aside. For 12 months.

Make your rent payment, then take the difference between what you’re willing to pay for a home, and set it aside, each month. They’d feel the pain of making the payment, and would now have money to put down on the home.  It would help everyone in the long run and teach them a little bit about making payments.

Hated this idea. They were ready, willing, and able buyers. They wanted a home now. I found another lender.

I was a mid 20-‘s dumbass. Okay, late 20’s dumbass. What followed was a horrible, horrible short sale. Superlender’s program would have worked, and still will works all over.

It’s called saving.  I’d propose for you to do the same, when you think about coaching, when you think about programs for first time home buyers, when you think about car payments, house payments, and Christmas accounts.

Set aside the money.  Ask your coach/financial advisor what the perfect client will need to start with, and start prepping while you save to afford it.

You can do the same thing when you’re saving for your executive assistant. I got this idea from every one of Gene Rivers’ classes. So don’t give me full credit.  Or most of the credit.

Save your money. Every month. If you want it now, you’ll want it in 6 months ever more, and be able to afford it. Read Where the Red Fern Grows  if you don’t believe me.

Old Dan and Little Anne were worth it. So will be your coach. And they’ll understand.