“How much will I make?”

You adjust your cup of coffee for it’s fifth rotation, a sign that you’re curbing your temper/anxiousness.

You’ve got a business plan, a role, training, a community, that’s your equivalent to cold fusion at cold pizza prices jig and they’re already cashing in, without even one honest days work. Why aren’t they asking how much they can help ME make? I’d hire them right here and now.

Note: I’ve got to remember to include vision in the next ad


Because this kid, this newb, this “last chance before I leave the business” is in a mindset that’s wondering where the next can of chili bait is coming from, and there’s a business to build, and I need able hands.


Scene. How’d you get here? How’d they get here? Are they going up, or down in their own admission jig? If you pulled a Zappos and asked them to keep sitting here or take $2,000 and walk away right now, which would they do?


Did you lay a plan for them, or did they lay out a plan for you? Did you help them through it? Highlight what tasks are before them to take care of it? What’s the next step they can take in the next 5 minutes?


Are you using bait to close them, or wiggling how they want you to wiggle so the job seems right for them right then? Or are they looking for the next bait to float by while they’re floundering, workin’ for you?

I want to see you in this chair by January. here’s the training to put you there. You’ll have to do these jobs to qualify for that job. Here’s the weekly benchmarks you and I are going to visit every week, and make sure you’re showing up the best you can, and performing the best you can. Your trajectory is set, your energy and timeline is your own choice.

Would you have this conversation at a first interview?

Miss? Nice to meet you. If we ever get married, we’ll move south as the weather’s easier to raise kids in, and the sports programs are better. We’ll be having 3 children, in a contemporary home with a black SUV and I’ll have a coupe……

You can see what a killer first date this would be.

The difference between jigs and bait is that with a good jig, you can use it over and over again. With bait? after a while, it gets rotten, stinks, and changing it for everybody is a pain.