here’s another newsletter. And another. this signature has the look and the length of a roman dignitary, though i know it’s only my real estate friend.

(cast) That was a great cast, sure to get something.

the skeletons of the frame work are pretty complex on these things, like the architecture of a gazebo. the hurdle is that due to saturation, we’ve found shortcuts around these signatures, mall shot photos, infographics, and the reason was they were the earliest dorsal fins of spam. Few are using that gazebo.

(cast) Who saw that last one? that was like 30 yards, straight! Haven’t seen any fish yet, and all the signs are there.

let’s repeat that.

images and framework were the first dorsal fins of spam.

fast forward through 10,000 hours of mastery regarding e-mail training, internet marketing strategy, we all do it. and few of us are seeing it.

on the front end, no one is buying, in the back of the restaurant, we’re still making the donuts.

Are we done with photos? nope, we’re done with the saturation.

Blogs are different, though. Look to the next blog when we talk about what the brain processes 60,000 times faster than your sweet mission statement.