really quickly this is my micro blog on what my last call with my coach revolved around. it revolved around being critical in the conversation you have with yourself, essentially what coaching is. yes, last week you missed your target, yes, that’s a fantastic mailing campaign.  yet what you need isn’t mo’, it’s to know your M.O., your modus operandi.  was having 1300 million ideas last week what cause your company to grow, or was it grabbing one following it through to creation and implementation and sale that put money in your pocket.

yes, it was that. so, one habit pays you, the other one brings you back to the same conversation, the same “i wish i coulda” , the same bar in dennys, where four guys are bitchin’ at QVC cuz somebody stole their idea.

enough. get to work. seriously, anyone with three pots of coffee and a laptop can come up with great ideas, a true genius should roll up his or her sleeves, quit bitchin, and get to work.

This is my conversation with myself….breathe. (then smile, if you got the reference)