We covered pain and pleasure today in the second step of a training and coaching bootcamp KW’s been proud to call a great catalyst for business, BOLD.  The concept is simple: two forces will make you move: either towards pleasure, or away from pain.  Some will actually move towards pain, as a source of pleasure. That blog has more zippers and secrets than this one.

Numbers hover around 90%/10% , and surprisingly more folks will move away from pain than towards pleasure–you can guess the architects of the pyramids didn’t get their deadlines met with “IMAGINE THE VIEW FROM THE TOP!” posters, and conclude, yeah, you’re right.

Drill down to how this applies to your business; the skeleton of yours is dependent on the strength of your database, whether you sell shoes, life insurance or the occasional 3 bedroom ranch. And not just for what’s in store for you, your exit strategy as an owner. More later on that.

The hurdle: more and more of these DB’s have pages that look like a page out of Mad Libs– blanks here, phone numbers missing there, anniversaries, birthdays, spaces that make your database pages look X-ray of my cousin Jimmy’s last dental check-up.

There are a few teeth missing.  So fill them. And make it painful to miss a spot.

$5 a tooth. How many spots can they find to just make it painful enough for you to pull the book back again, and double check.   Dare you.     These missing teeth are costing you more than a fin, so take the time and the dare to save/make yourself some money. Or dare someone else to put their money where their mouth is.

Someone chatty.  You know who they are. Might be you…I’m up for the challenge if you want to call me directly for a year of dares to perform like this one. (register with me)

And for the retirees in the crowd……tomorrow we’ll visit how much alike you and that unrealistic seller you really are…