In our previous blog, we wrote about getting yo’ database together.  Got that out of my system.

So, why would retiring agents do this?  Because young agents are savvy, and getting smarter about buying an agent’s book of business. If they’re smart, they’re not going to offer you 25% a deal they create from your book….they have no idea how good a relationship you’ve built with those clients.   They look for proof.   They look for the maintenance schedule of the used car they’re going to buy, they’re going to look for yours as well.

Are the connections graded, by sources of referrals?

Are there accurate numbers, e-mail addresses? multiples? dates of transactions with referral sources?

Regular addresses in case you’d like to send invites?

How about the curb appeal it would add if you added their social media favorites?

Throw in some curb appeal if that book’s for sale.   It can cost you or benefit you tens of thousands of dollars. Or don’t. These agents are investors, and are happy to buy your book for pennies on the dollar if you can’t provide comps for what your business is worth, or could be worth.