“I just can’t seem to find talent.”

That’s because you’re looking at the Yankees starting lineup, or any of their fans.  Too easy,  I digress.

It brings up a good point, and I’ll stray from the usual position of bashing any particular generation, mainly because “the greatest generation” apparently, at time of writing this, is gearing up for dinner, and Matlock, before settling in for the night.

You’re talent pool is out-smarting you already. They’ve found jobs. And they’re clever enough to find either ones where they can hide their malaise, or make the most money doing the least work (they’re out leveraging you already, too).

To the point: they’re waiters. Anyone with a budding business that needs to find talented salespeople with work ethics needs to go no farther than where they eat.

“They need to show up or they don’t get paid, and show up to hustle.” Check.

“They need to be able to follow a script, and answer questions on the fly”  Double check.

“I need someone who’s creative, good with people, yet can close, and get paid.”  Check, please.

“I need someone who has a history of  success, and can hold down a job, and is grateful.” Ever met a waiter who’s not looking for something else, besides the ones who’s names appear on the neon side outside? I’m looking at you, Applebee.

Who can recruit, who can balance a till, who can hustle…..yep.

Also need folks who can mirror and match their clients to the point they’re so happy, they stay AND buy stuff. Done,done, done.    And they’re presentable.

Here’s the deal, folks….they’re smart. Possibly smarter than you are, they’re just in search of a vision, and you’re not offering them anything except for your temperature preference on your steak  (it had better be Pittsburg, or your just ruining meat.)

Dare you to sit down with 4 waiters, give them your value proposition, and not have them push back. Talent does that.  If you can convince them, you’ve got a good UVP, 4 new recruits, and the good feeling you’ve just closed 4 closers.

If you can’t? Back to the drawing board.

Who’s your favorite waiter, and wouldn’t you have them work for you, with you?  Best training ever, ps.