Flippin’ yuck. Bowling shoes again. I’ll wear ’em when I need ’em, but they’ve been used by everybody. Worn out, beat up, they reek.

Love that word, it goes miles past “stink” on empty and then coasts a bit.

They didn’t start out that way, in fact, they serve their purpose pretty altruistically, made a lot of people’s days when they were in a pinch. They’re solely (punny, I know) the medium the users fouled though. We may be killing the messenger when we sully what I like to call the prostitute of the shoe world.

Any clients like this? Always there when you need them, and all you give is a spritz with the Febreeze very now and again. Who’s the circus freak that needs 13s aga……shoot. the same thing with two thumbs and that bowls a consistent 98–this guy.

What about staff? Anyone you don’t care to hang with, yet they’re there to help move, clean up,have your back in any storm…they’ll be there. Given your choice, you won’ t be. They’ll get the company towel at Christmas, your no-show friends will get the VCR.

And then there’s the fam and friends. Not going there today.

The point is the loyal client and friend that you treat like the bowling shoe is the perfect client that you’re looking for, you’re just the Marsha Brady Ass that can’t see you can’t have it all until you surrender your ego-a-go-go to the people who want to give it to you.

Call your advocates…. Say thanks. Keep the VCR.

I’ve got 4 such calls to make tomorrow.