STOP! Look down HERE FIRST! Here’s the assignment…before you watch the vid…turn down your volume. Watch the slide show. Then turn back time, turn up the volume, and watch it again.

Different emotion? Different interpretation of the words? Does it feel more intense?

It’s the music. The right music, the wrong music, whatever…it has a HUGE influence on your online message.

The song is by Cliff Lin, “And Your World Will Burn”, and I borrowed it after watching a clip of a Call of Duty vid on YouTube; it was sick. The response I got from when I posted this the first time was just as intense.   They loved the slide show AND the song AND the idea.

I promoted three products with one vid.  Took 10 mins. What can you do in that time?  Why is Animoto so popular? Because they figured this out and made it easier for people NOT to suck.

Think about it the next time your Virtual Tour has Kenny G playing in the background, sucking the life out of your photos. (No offense, K-town).

It totally matters.