So listening to TedTalks and driving is a new the heck out of trying to figure out Why Nickie Minaj is so unhappy, and how country singers get away with lines I wouldn’t trust coming out of the well-sewn mouth of a Muppet.

There was a talk from a doctor who was hired to discover biosignatures on other planets to see if there was life, and he went on to define:

biosignature: a substance such as an element, isotope, or molecule present in something such as a meteorite that is characteristic of life and is used as evidence of past or present life

Signs of life.

Evidence that hey, there could be a party going on here. He went on and spoke about defining algorithms that give better chances to life, and how based on two or three elements they could predict not just when life could happen, yet also what would be needed in places where it didn’t have a snowball’s chance in Texas.

Environment. Inventory. Catalyst needed. Frequency.

I’m a sales guy, I’m starting to think, HEY! (I’m pretty verbose with myself) this is how I’m determining market segments….I’m looking at areas in the general public that create this perfect storm environment.

Are the right conditions there? Do they even NEED me? I usually toss that in the trash. Of course, they need me.

Does it need anything else besides me? More value built? Opportunity? More education? Then I’ll drill down numbers so I can quantify it.I’m Chris McNamara, I’m a nerd. I know. I’m okay with it.

Then, what’s the best catalyst? And what can I do that will blow the doors off of other catalyst, because it’s a competition, right? And it is– if you think it isn’t, keep going the way you’re going, You’re the easiest competition to beat.

Take a look at the planet that’s your business. Take a look at what’s needed, and quantify it, and give it a deadline. Then add a catalyst, be it an event, training, new tech, or equipment. Sometimes a new suit is the CATALYST you need.

Get one. Then move forward, or there’s not going to be any life on your planet,

And no one is sending a rescue party but you, Jim.Image