ImageI can’t stop watching Steve Jobs’ keynotes he presented, interviews, and speeches.

He keeps this phrase on his lapel he flaunts often–begin with the customer experience in mind, and reverse engineer THAT.

Start with not just a satisfied customer, an ELATED customer, and to hell with everyone else who gets in the way.  Including engineers, designers, and folks who tell you they can’t get it done. The customer/client doesn’t care how it gets done, they’re just psyched that it does.

how often have I slid pimento loaf (crappy service/product) in front of someone on a dirty plate, then walked away broken-hearted, when, even though I explained the heck out of it, and I sure knew MY STUFF, even when I sold the living daylights out of it, it turned out to still be pimento loaf (crappy service/product)? Worst part is….the customer tried to like it, they tried the pimento loaf (crappy service/product) because I told them it was good. Guess who’s not in the sequel?

Redfin gives money back to the clients after they’re done using a visually pleasing site.  They also feed into an assumption the buyers have already, full service agents aren’t worth all that money. Sometimes they’re right.

Zappos just gives and gives and gives.  It’s like a Willy Wonka factory of treats when you call, without all the hidden punishment and shame when you drink the Fizzy Lifting drinks.  Serious, TRY and make them angry. You only make them stronger. Their customer service is like Ghandi, but in Chucks.

Their structure, their business models aren’t built around maximum return, they’re around making a market segment happy, so happy they make money at it.