Anna is a rock star.

And she hates it. More to the point, it’s not the behavior or the success she hates, it’s the overuse of the term.  Plus she hates catch-phrases like “kick ass” or “Do unto others…”; really anything she perceives as mental laziness or not thinking for yourself.  She’s probably in the best place to get over it, “baptism by fire” treatment-wise.

Party like a rock star.

Our culture’s a little like that; we repeat the same phrases, speeches, quotes, acronyms over and over again for the reason they’re intended, it’s a familiar way to get a point across, once said to “be the wisdom of many and the wit of one.” (actually LJR’s definition of a proverb.)

“Hey Bill!  Early bird, right?”                          Yep. Good one.

Yet we’ll cut off the rest of the quote, take it out of context until the shape, color, and taste make us happy again.  Tell our story right.  Either make it edgy or dull it, depending on what’s in and out of culture, how brave we are, or how much Scarlet letter credit we’ve built up with the powers that be.

Not completing the sentence means I’ve got no idea what you’re talking about, Willis.   I’m guessin’.

Am I the bird?  I know someone gets the worm, or you’re inviting me to Old Country Buffet for a 4:00 dinner?

Dave is working it like a rock star.  Knowing how most rock stars work 350 days out of the year, on about 4 hours sleep a day, consistently talking to people who love them only when they work, I’d say that’s probably not a compliment. Dave likes it, though.

We start looking up to shorteners and the people that love them, mimicking and mentoring what THEY do, or solely what we SEE them do, or what they TELL us they do.

We’re missing out on the story behind them, the understanding, and REALLY? The whole message. We’re rating the movie by the trailer, and besides “Dude, where’s my Car?”,  that’s a huge mistake.

Party like a rock star is the “rock star” phrase, never accompanied by it’s entourage of

  • Work like a rock star, 
  • practice like a rock star, 
  • travel/plan/produce like a rock star, 

the actual band that got P.L.I.A.R.S. to where it is today.

Work horse, rock star, machine…all these terms at work we’re bestowing on folks as verbal awards start to tell the sad truth– these are albatrosses.

Suddenly?  Not so fond of birds.

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