I asked this question yesterday: if given the choice, would you sell the light bulb, or the electricity? Do you want to have the inventory of a great product, or what makes a great product run? Taking a look at real estate, small business, venture capitalism, potatoes, whatever your choice is, it says a lot about you and where you’re headed in the future.

Sitting at your boardroom table with the 6 to 7 people that you’re determining wealth, comfort, and the occasional weekend in Cabo for, where is their mindset and how does it help you all in your endeavors? And if you don’t know, why the hell are you in business with them?

Susan wants incredible customer service experiences, due to a lack luster reputation that makes it hard to sell. Electricity.

James just wants a boat, and 35 hour work weeks, at any cost. Light bulb.

We’re not sure what Tim does, but he continually rocks your sales department by the skin of his teeth. Therapy.

Dave talks about Porsches, the new iPad, skis, G6s, and pulls in around $23K a year. Tazer.

With a great product, you’re like the pretty girl in high school who doesn’t really have to try that hard for results, then? College. 15 pounds. You can only be pretty and silent for so long before it wears off. With great customer service, great culture, and poor product or reputation, you’re the world’s best kept secret, because you can’t ship. Your first impression is horrible. Once they’re not in front of you, they can’t get behind you.

It’s a balance, isn’t it? Guess that’s the work part.
Here’s how to start engaging with your most important client, your staff and co-workers: set up a group text, and poll them….”hey folks, real quick…I’d like to get your pulse on something: You’re selling–which do you choose: light bulb or electricity, and why? Haiku answers please (short, to the point, textable) thanks for indulging me)”

Now read and absorb.

My friend? She’d prefer to sell the light switch and rule them all, and that speaks volumes about her. That’s why I like these questions…you can tell who’s going to color inside the lines.

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