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Dude, where’s the bah?

Talked to my professor from College today ( I call him every now and again, because he’s a good dude, and he’s in my database; also because it’s my dream to give a commencement speech)

He reminded me of this:

There’s an old term called “pullling yourself up by your boot straps” originates from Lumbercamps in New England, specifically Vermont, when the leather boots you were issued weren’t slipping on like they used to because your feet were swollen from work.

If you didn’t get your boots on. though. you didn’t work that day. and you didn’t get paid. So lumberjacks were urged to pull themselves as a whole up by one point of leverage, the strap on the back of the boot (you still see them today), to get what they were owed, even if it was uncomfortable, otherwise, you forfeited what you were owed.” Thought that might be applicable this Friday.


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he’s always watching

Soooo, think of your favorite vacation. The one that will change your life. you’ve thought about FOREVER.

Like for ever ever? yep, 4 eva.. Like what you carved in your favorite tree below the life mate you swore to adore until… well, life happens.

I digress…. so to the point.. how much is it? I mean, if it’s important, life changing, surely you’ve priced it out, right?

Wrong. I haven’t. I’ve got dreams, you’ve got ‘em. Got goals too… got more goals than Germany scored against Brazil in the first half of World Cup this year and yet, sometimes, the price eludes us.

So how is Chuck E. Cheese beating me at training my kids? Here’s how:

It’s Saturday. and like any good BOLD coach, I’m obsessing over my kids. mainly. the oldest one… wondering what’s going on inside her head besides “When’s Dad going to let me read Twilight?” and “Did they notice I cut my own hair?” (yes. we did. you’re grounded)

Any who. we’re doing the Checkbook exercise from Step 5 in BOLD, where you spend certain amounts of gifted money in 24 hours, day after day. each day it doubles. You MUST spend it all, and can’t duplicate purchases. Only two rules…

Great idea right before Christmas, and yet. what I’m finding is the cost is an electric fence that’s holding her back from writing stuff. She’s got a bit of SC in her (Google DISC profile if you’re lost) and she won’t step over the budget lines.

I think of this girl as the one who has all the costs of items at Chuck E. Cheese or his two older. more beer-clandestine older brothers. Dave & Buster, and how quickly she can discern what she wants and how many tickets it takes.


Value goes up? So does ticket count, and you’ll see the kids pour through the shop, price watching and adjusting before they go back to their ticket-yielding game of choice. Goal setting at it’s most primal,, save for the fact that the folks who own these establishments are WAAAY better at math than the future Vegas-stars they’re raising (no way that huge comb costs 800 tickets, that’s like hard alcohol mark-ups). And still. kids know the prices.

Very little to NO haggling going on here… you’ve got the tickets or you don’t. Yes you can pay money, yet it’s silly, think the kids, just go earn more. Or put something you just don’t need back.

That’s my brain power today as I think about our agents completing this exercise this week… do we know the REAL costs, are we willing to stop haggling and put the shiny stuff back, or do we want to pay the price to ignore the work?

Most times, no. we’re the disappointed kid throwing a tantrum, due to low blood sugar and a lack of realization of how Mr. E Cheese works.

So when your asked how much your dreams cost, and you reply “I don’t know.”, i think it’s important to notice that.

And no, “won’t it be fun to find out” is not a business plan.

We’ve got 90 days to complete our growth plan for 2015, start cost watching…  when you ask about costs, include time, energy. and yep, budget. Haggle or do the work are the other options. One’s how folks hit their goals every time.

I’ll be at the skee ball lane, throwing overhand (he’s not the boss of me.)

Sunday morning… I get up before the Pop Tart and Cartoon wolves howl
At our door ,
Grab the keys, and go watch surfing. Last 6 weeks I’ve been doing this; part therapy,
Part study, part analysis paralysis before I actually attempt surfing again.

And this morning there are two guys with metal detectors, one roaming the beach randomly, the other guy in a grid, back and forth, up and down.

Who do you think is doing better?

The one with the obvious system, right? Working every square inch of the beach?
Organized. Systematic. He’s probably got a trapper keeper in his car.

The other one just roaming. Following the next hot lead. Lightning strike Larry.

Like they say in the oil business.. WEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL No.

I couldn’t take it; I’m a coach, I’m curious, amped on poorly made coffee (yours truly) and an intent desire to make conversation with everyone… So I approach Larry.

You can see in his face he’s not impressed: grey hair, hat on backwards, dressed like a guy who should be surfing, yet solely knows the stores where to get the stuff…..he wants me to make this quick so he can get back to treasure huntin’

Then he lays my assumptions out with what I can only describe as the haymaker of maturity: brevity, clarity, and The This Ain’t My First Rodeo look.

Larry: “I combed this beach for five years, just like that guy, up, down,
Grid, took notes. Repeat.
Repeat. Repeat. Great exercise. sh&*% pay off.”

“Driving home one night, parking lot was full, we pulled over, my 8 year old
Son and me, to see a couple parties down there, a few couples,
And where twilight surfers had set their stuff.”

THEN MY SON SAYS THIS: ” you should take a picture with your phone of where people are sitting; dig there tomorrow cuz that’s where they sat all night.”

Go to where the people were/are.
Simple research.
Save energy.
Save time.
Increase payoff.

Review your habits with an 8 year old or your coach.

Larry, your son is a genius.


What if each client, each customer, each contact didn’t revolve around you making a dollar in the next 30 days? Would your conversation change? Would the intent of the next call? Or the outcome of this call, would it be earth-shattering? Could be. Start focusing on incredible service, communication, and a series of “this is what will happen next” questions based off the OTHER person’s agenda may make your end of year bonus a client for life. You may just become a better business person, boss, AND salesperson.

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Two trips: one to your average parking lot Carnival, the other Disneyland.  Happiest place on earth besides Jet Ski Sales offices around the globe.

At the Carnival, you’re taking your life in your hands, and you know it.

  • You buy the same tickets to ride a physics-enhanced sling shot of fury and fame that you did at the cake walk.
  •  Their concentration is on overhead.
  • There are no security guards. The carnies will handle you should you attempt to snatch back your fin.
  • They’re short term… the grass is trampled, the kiddie pool the hippo is in? That’s okay if it cracks, they’ll buy a new one in Petersburg.
  • Their background checks? Literally, checking to see if someone’s behind them, hopefully not with cuffs, an IOU, or worse collections from the LAST carnival.

At Disneyland, you’re taken care of.

  • The gates, spotless.
  • The employees? They’re cast members trained on making your day the best ever, no matter what.
  • Their gardens parallel stuff the Queen walks around, sans the cartoon characters and laser shows.
  • Different themes for everyone, clean, calculated,
  • there’s a whole city at work underneath the spectacle you see.

Yep, you pay for it. And you’re willing to, because you feel better.  Customers buy great feelings. And yes, it will cost you more than running the carnival.

Given the PROFIT you can make, are you going to plan a carnival?  Or plan a Disneyland?  One will require work and be awesome, one will not, and be gone tomorrow.

Watching soccer in the brew pub at Universal Studios, while my kids ride the Minion Mayhem… easily one of the most brilliant concoction of sapping your kids’ willpower to stand in line, while taunting them with cotton candy just a few mere feet away.

I’m watching soccer, and while I’m not a learned fan, I love watching each match in that they run almost non-stop, always playing chess out there, always following drills, patterns, knowing that the strengths of their forwards’ are and playing to them.

And there’s always one guy, you can tell he is probably the best on the team. His hair is the best, most emotional, always connecting with the ball, making the cool little juke plays that drive the crowd crazy, follows up with the refs to make sure NOT that they believe him to be right, rather that he’s clear why they a) lost the ball b) got carded or c) here’s who’s giving us trouble to keep an eye on.

Teamwork divides the task and doubles the success.

And when I was early, younger, in the game, I’d always think “They should just give THAT guy the ball all the time. Have the goalie roll it three feet to him, and he’ll bolt up the field and score. Every time, right?”  He could do everything, and probably has done EVERYTHING on that field well since, like, day one.

Here’s why he needs a team:

  • he’d get exhausted running it up the field every time. Maybe once and a while he COULD do it, and successfully, he’d just get exhausted.
  • When he gets to the end, to where he shoots, he’s exhausted, and his shot isn’t the 100% it could be. It’s like 60%. then 50%. then 30%. By the end of the game, doing it all, he’s zapped his strength, and that might hurt his rep
  • People watch the 4th quarter, because that’s when you win. If you’re incredible in the first quarter, awesome. Welcome to everybody. Having energy in the 4th quarter is what makes champions. So if future opportunities are judged by how you compete in the 4th quarter, and you’re by yourself, good luck.
  • What if he’s not the best passer? Or too close to see a change on the way?   Other people looking out for him, helps the team win, him win, and they can pull him before he makes a poor shot, or gets hurt. Then he can’t play ever.
  • He can help develop plays that work with any players, so if he gets sick, or red carded and has to miss a game, his team still wins.  When they win because of something he’s taught them? Now he’s a leader. Not a prima donna who yells a lot. When they win because he’s made THEM better? That’s impact for life. And that in itself is a pretty cool job.

We see business paradigms everywhere. Doesn’t make us geniusi, or geniuseseseses, or smart, we look for metaphors because that’s how we like to learn.. this time is like that time. You’re successful in this avenue, so make this street look like that street, and we’re golden. Years of  “accrued credits” now applicable to your current degree of work.

You need a team. You’re team is out there, and needs you.

Quit crying about the slide tackle and go build one.

That won’t work here. There aren’t any _______ in my area.   Brand X has that locked up.  Heard ‘em, said ‘em. Believed ‘em for a while.

And you’re right, based off the perspective you’re bringing, broken down to your information + your focus. Past market experience and past market research from others experiences would say, should nothing change, you’re going to be a freaking Nostradamus when it comes to the future.    Or at least the part where you kill yours.

Unless you bring new strategy. New energy. New system. New information. New staff. New Experience. New resources. A new plan.     Then everything changes.

Real estate specific for sec here, if you’ve got a tight knit community, then introduce that community to outside markets that it might appeal to. There’s a shortage of people moving from their house to next door. So find their next neighbor.  Gary Keller has cited a gazillion times that somewhere there’s someone getting on a plane to come to your town tomorrow to buy a home. You’re anticipation of the information they’re getting before they get here is the key to their success. Who’s alerted them to your town?  How are they determining home prices? Areas?  Great Schools? cost of living?  If you’re answer is “I don’t know”, it may be important to just notice that. Then get to work.

  • Maybe find the buyers before they’re buyers.
  • Then find the sellers before they’re sellers.
  • Or the deals before they’re deals, and introduce them to one of the two previous groups.

“Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.” -Jim Rohn,

If you’re a broker, don’t forget the hustle part, where you get paid to put deals together, even if they  don’t pan out, you’re still creating an active market.

“That won’t work here” tells me that you’ve exhausted all your possibility, say it more than three times in a conversation, and you’re letting the world know you’re waiting to be made “re-available” to the industry.  Or that you’re open to new strategy.

Which is okay, because I’m in sales, I will hustle, and will keep bringing strategy to either you or your replacement.

Chirp chirp.

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Blue tie or red tie? What would you prefer to see? Red?  perfect. 

AHHHHHHHHH! I’m just kidding. I’m riding BOLO.  See what I did there? Asked for your input, then put in a drawer next to my copy of “Hip Hop Abs” that’s also not getting used.

When you’ve taken the time to validate a behavioral breakdown of what motivates people, and you ignore it, you’re telling us exactly who you are

  • like the guy who wears the t-shirt of the band to see the band.
  • like guy who goes back to where he worked still asking for the employee discount. If they liked you, they’ll extend the offer, don’t ask for it.
  • like the girl who shows up to college, and takes the Overnight Phish Pill, and goes hippie in 24 hours
  • like the Winter Mountaineering Jacket you’re wearing that hasn’t seen sub-zero temperatures unless you count that look your mom gave you when you fell asleep in church
  • like the Uncle Rico, recounting previous fame that saw the Ronald Reagan administration in office. And none since
  • like the name dropper, who’s stories sound more like a table guide at the who’s who table. Even if they were just serving drank

Social media’s made it easier. We’re only showing what we want you to see. In business though, there are models, conversation structures,  employment histories of your staff, there’s a paper trail.

So, overhaul with the people you work with.

  • How do I win with you?
  • How do I lose with you?
  • On a scale from 1-10, how honest do you want me to be?
  •  If I seeing you doing something I disagree with, how should I approach you about it?   (this line of questioning was taught to me by a mentor and a boss, who’s a total boss btw).

Then go back and answer the questions from your behalf. You may be surprised that who you sit down with, isn’t the same person as who you stand back up with.


20120418-203418.jpg I fly a bunch. Most of the folks who do what I do fly a bunch. And every now and again, between the frisking  (lucky, I know) and the pretzels, and the aisle seats, it gets pretty mundane.    You’d see the usual gate lizards who ask what you do, and if you fly a bunch. Yep.  Headphones back in, book gets picked back up, and you go back into your solemn existence, hoping “that guy” doesn’t make eye contact and start up a conversation about the Yankees, Obama, or how Obama should buy the Yankees.

It’s just something you get used to.

Then, one night, I was flying and this guy was VISIBLY uncomfortable, then audibly uncomfortable, and if I had stared enough, probably spiritually uncomfortable with the whole flying process.    So I get curious; I’m in the fear business, squashing them, picking them apart, embracing them, and I start to ask him questions.

This is exactly what people in a fear state love, interrogation. I can sense this. I pursue anyway.  “You realize that you’re scared of the idea of flying, yet we’re already flying. If it’s an event, you’re here already, they punched your ticket, so the worst is over, right?”

And what he said next changed my mind on the power of words and how we describe experiences forever. Foreva eva.

“You don’t understand, right now, YOU’RE flying…” and his volume started to build “BUT I’M HURDLING THROUGH SPACE AT 300 MILES PER HOUR!!!”

And I got really excited, started grinning ear to ear, and thought , hey, this whole time, I’ve been selling myself short! When I tell my kids, my family, my clients what I do, I was describing something incredible very blandly, because I got used to it.  On average, I hurdle through space at 300 miles an hour weekly to build millions of dollars of business with business owners from across the planet.

My job just got a little cooler.

And I’ll leave you with this, next time you hear a baby crying on your flight, and you can’t take it anymore, remember that that particular baby? It’s hurdling through space at 300 miles per hour. Screaming is exactly the right emotion at that point. And that kid is NAILING it.

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